Dziki Bill Hot Sauces

Habanero & Habanero X

First Polish hot sauces – 100% natural, 0% artificial colorings or preservatives

Dziki Bill

Jalapeno is probably the most intriguing Dziki Bill Hot Sauce. It was created in a flight of frenzy by an American Gringo and a Silesian Hanys.

Dziki Bill

Sweetness, whisky and classic BBQ taste with Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Dziki Bill

Babushka a.k.a. Granny was born from nostalgia for the smell of plum butter simmering in a big pot.

Dziki Bill

#Yolo is a Dziki Bill Hot Sauce made from fresh Naga Jolokia peppers and the hottest sauce available all year round.

Dziki Bill

Ninja is currently the hottest sauce in Dziki Bill’s arsenal.

You remember your first hot pepper? Its hotness surprised you. But there was something special about this experience. Something happened that this sharp, strong and – let’s be honest about it – painful taste has kept exciting your emotions. Euphoria and adrenaline, curiosity and satisfaction – these are the things that stamped this one-of-a-kind, distinctive and unconventional taste into your memory. Dziki Bill emerged from the longing for that feeling. We’re sure there’s something that can surprise you. There is a taste you’re not expecting.

Over the past few years we have been working on creating an exceptional recipe and share surprising flavors with the world. The Dziki Bill Sauces are made of natural ingredients and only the best peppers. Why? Because cooking and food is important!

Dziki Bill will make your heart beat faster and make you feel alive. The taste of Dziki Bill is unexpected. It is delicious and really strong – taste the #dzikifire!