Dziki Bill
Polish Hot Sauces

Smokin’ hot!

We’re sure that the time has already come in Poland for people to open up to new tastes more than ever before. At the end of 2014, we, the fathers of Dziki Bill – that is, a Polish guy and his brother-in-law from Minneapolis, met to try a new batch of home-made hot sauces. Long before the idea to create a Polish brand that would make hot sauces tailored to the needs of the Polish market, we believed that Polish people are ready for a native hot sauce.

Young Poles are curious, open and brave. Dziki Bill, the first bottled Polish hot sauce, was made with them in mind. Our dream is to reach places where hot sauces have never been available. To change the cuisine of people who are curious for
new experiences. We want to prove that Polish quality beats imported alternatives and that Polish people can appreciate a product created especially for them.

Perfect for meats and vegetarian dishes

A spicy sauce in a non-standard version

Due to the history of our company, we are convinced that we can draw from both the rich tradition of American hot sauces and the long heritage of Polish love towards real and natural food. Cooking is important – and the time for people who are fully aware of that has just come.

Ryszard Sierotnik & William Scott Shaw, lovers of hot sauces and fathers of Dziki Bill


Dziki Bill s.c.
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